Rebranding and Business-Brand Strategy Alignment

Human Autocell has developed a proprietary cell regeneration procedure to combat liver cirrhosis which is proven, safe, cost-effective and provides a better quality of life for patients with chronic liver disease. Management wanted to build a stronger brand and awareness of the technology and patents it owns.

Human Autocell has a unique proprietary, patented approach to growing a Neo liver which has the potential to save lives and reduce costly reliance on palliative care as patients progress towards terminal liver cirrhosis. Management wanted a fresh approach to communicating this to multiple audiences including doctors, hospitals, research centres, investor and the market.

The solution was an integrated approach understanding the business and clinical model and developing a set of communications both online and offline to make the technology more visible and comprehensible to medical experts and investors alike. We developed a fresh identity, a clean website and supporting investor presentations, powerpoint decks and worked closely with management to deliver extensive copy for all communications.