Brand Experience and Creativity

Founder Brendan McMahon has worked with a number of highly creative talents from musicians to painters and artists and sculptors to help them build a personal brand expressed through their creativity and to frame it in a commercial context to allow them freedom to be creative and see a reward for their efforts

Lupinizam by Stephan Lupino

Stephan Lupino is one of the emerging Neo-Expressionist artists of the last 40 years whose iconic work is more and more recognisable in both lifestyle context and highly regarded art circles. Brendan has been working with Lupino for the past three years to build the bridge between his prolific artistic output and creating a communications platform and business structure to help him capitalise on his work. Much of the current branding work is confidential. His website gives more information on the artist and his work.

Jucie – Jing Jin: Chinese ‘Global’ Artist

Brendan spent six months in Beijing in 2014 and worked with the singer Jing Jin to position her as an international artist whose heartland is clearly Chinese. The emerging trends China at the time were to be proud of her Chinese heritage but to embrace international audiences, especially South Korea and Japan where audience support could propel a career onto TV and find commercial success through becoming a brand sponsor. We created an international brand (not global as the artist was not interested in success beyond Asia in the first stage. Working with an international producer, we produced a three song mini-EP with both English and Chinese Mandarin versions and a video. The brand identity was grounded in Chinese morals for Chinese youth while hinting at an innocent Asian Lolita. The artist is now a regular guest on Chinese TV and had a hit with one of the first three songs: ‘We are Tomorrow’, which is available on multiple Chinese domestic streaming channels and in KTV (Karaoke Clubs) as well as on iTunes.