Building Awareness and a Brand for the Artist Stephan Lupino

Stephan Lupino is an artist with an international reputation for his photography, paintings and sculptures but wants to broaden his fan base without over-stretching his appeal to a mass market and without lowering the value of his work as serious art.

TaoSquare works with Lupino to understand the core drivers behind his work and the values that stretch across the different genres and periods of his life work. We distilled these into a brand platform but agreed that the art should take first and foremost place in his communications.

As a result, we showcase Lupino’s work upfront and have created messaging wth simple explanations of his artwork. We also created and populate social media channels where we seed different works of Art for new audiences and post updates of latest work the artist is engaged in.

We are now working with new channels to have the artist’s iconic pieces represented in cobranding events. Lupino just finished an exhibition in New York with Domenico Vacca where his iconic sculptures are semi-permanent exhibition pieces in the flagship high end branding boutique. The movement ‘Lupinizam’ is associated with the Artist’s work and represents the artist’s unique take on the juxtaposition of sensual beauty and cruelty of man’s experience in this transient, challenging planet underpinned by the iconography of religious and folk rituals.