Introducin and Growing a Corporate Training Brand into Asia

LCT or London Corporate Training is a successful training company with over 25 years’ experience based in central London. As part of its desire to grow its footprint, LCT came TaoSquare to expand into the Asian market starting with Hong Kong.

LCT initially explored expansion into Asia with the British government and then engaged TaoSquare to explore an approach to set up a company, create a local relevant brand and organise communication materials including all print and marketing collateral and a website in multiple languages.

We helped the company incorporate, recruit a sales team and find offices in Hong Kong. We also worked with the London office to determine the right approach for the local interpretation of the brand identity. We then developed the appropriate website to offer localised courses and training cycles and managed the ongoing materials to satisfy the client needs for training material and certification.

We are now introducing a mainland China partner for the company to capitalise on the Southern China market for training and education.